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Water Transportation Lab

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When Christopher Columbus first set sail, ships were the only way to cross the ocean. Today, ships are used more for shipping cargo and carrying troops then for travelling. Students will learn about the scientific reasons behind floating, why boat hull design is important, and the concept of hydrodynamics with this lab.

This start-up package features the KELVIN® HydroChannel Tester so that students can evaluate their boat hull designs. Hands-on activities include designing and creating boats and experimenting with hydrodynamic principles. Learn the scientific reasons behind floating, why boat hull design is important and the concept of hydrodynamics. Grades 7-12. No Computer Required.

Major Items

- KELVIN® HydroChannel™ - Tester, 11" W x 8 ft. L x 3-1/2" D

- KELVIN® Boat Propulsion Design Challenge Kits

- KELVIN® Boat Hull Design Challenge Kits

- Submersible Motors

- Hydrodynamic Water Pumps


- Fundamentals of Transportation


- KELVIN® Boat Hull Design


- Amazing Water Models

- Wings, Wheels, and Water

- Intro to Boat Hull Design

Additional Items

- Toy Motors

- Solar Cells

- Blue Foam Board

- Balloons

- Giant Rubber Bands

- Rubberbands, Assorted

- Propellers, 1" Wide

- Propellers, 3" Blade

- Box Fan

- Dowel Rods

- Balsa Strips (2 Sizes)

- Cardboard

- DesignGrid™ - Paper

- AA Batteries

- Snap Blade Craft Knives

- Snap Blades

- Cutting Mat, Self-Healing

- Plastic Rulers

- Glue Guns

- Glue Gun Slugs

Activity Resources

- KELVIN® Lesson Guide

- KELVIN® Workstation Sign

- [3] Medallions for Technology Excellence

- [30] Certificates for Technology Excellence

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