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Solar Energy 

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solarcells Light Source KELVIN® Solar Backup Power Kit Solar Motor - 4,700 RPM Project Motor, 0.7-5.0 V Solar Panel, 3-6-9V DC 2V, 200mA Solar Cell with Solar Motor Solar Cell, 3V DC Solar Cell, 2V, 550mA Ni-Cad Battery, AA ‘AA’ Alternative Energy Battery Charger

solar cars 1 KELVIN® Solar Dragster Bulk Pack KELVIN® Solar Dragster Kit KELVIN® Solar Sedan Bulk Pack KELVIN® Solar Sedan Kit

solar cars 2 KELVIN® Solar Monster Truck Bulk Pack KELVIN® Solar Monster Truck Kit KELVIN® ECONOMY Solar Car Bulk Pack KELVIN® Economy Solar Car Kit

solar cars 3 KELVIN® Solar Racer III Kit KELVIN® Solar Racer II Kit KELVIN® Economy Solar Racer Kit with Wood Body KELVIN® Solar Racer Bulk Parts

solar cars 4 KELVIN® Solar Racer HP1™ Kit KELVIN® Solar Zip Racer® KELVIN® Solar Racer Bulk Parts with Plastic Body KELVIN® Economy Solar Racer Kit with Plastic Body

solar cars 5 KELVIN® Kre8® Solar Racer Bulk Pack KELVIN® Kre8® Solar Racer KELVIN® Solar Racer Construction DVD KELVIN® Solar Racer I Kit KELVIN® Solar Car Kit

solar houses 1 KELVIN® Advanced Energy House KELVIN® Solar Energy House Lab KELVIN® Solar Energy House Kit KELVIN® Solar Energy House Template

solar houses 2 KELVIN® Solar Energy Farm KELVIN® Power Grid Mini Model Homes Bulk Pack KELVIN® Power Grid Electrical Distribution Lab

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