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Moving Sign Display

Price: $395.00
Stock #: 281863


7-Segment Display Unit Allows The Whole Class To View The Results!

Use this exciting, new multi-color moving sign to add excitement to your classroom and promote your lab, technology class or activity. Works with KELVIN® Kel-Timer(tm) KELVIN® P.D.E.(tm), KELVIN® A.Q. Data Acquisition(tm) products. This will enable the whole class to view the results of a race or experiment in real time.

Can be used to display text and dot graphics. Programmed using a wireless remote keyboard. Message can be password protected and only changed by authorized personnel. Sign has a built-in clock that can display different messages at different times and days.

There are 15 special effects, 14 fonts, 12 colors and 11 graphics. Special effects allow the message to be rolled in from the top/bottom or left/right, scroll, snow, spray, starburst, twinkle and many more. An example of the graphics that are included are "Welcome", "No Smoking" "Don't drink and drive", News Flash animation, Trumpet animation Party balloons animation and fireworks.

Has a RS-232 interface that can be used with optional cable and software to program the sign. Built in self test to verify that all the dots are working properly. The graphic display size is 24"L x 2" H. Includes mounting brackets to attach to wall or ceiling, programming instructions, AC wall adapter and wireless keyboard.

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