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Micro Trek Kit

Price: $103.95
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Depart on a Micro Trek and venture deep into the microcosmos with this high quality 100x to 900x microscope. Unveil the hidden creatures and unseen structures of the microscopic world. Learn how to use the microscope and about each of its parts.

Examine two prepared slides and then take off on a guided investigation of plant and animal specimens that you gather and prepare yourself.

See how an onion cell shrivels and how an earthworm wiggles. Analyze the differences between the hair on your head and the sheep's hair in your wool sweater.

Learn professional procedures for preparing specimens to make your own slides. Use the included projector attachment to trace images and record them with film. Make a logbook to record the observations and drawings you make along the way.

Discover how the microscope has played a crucial role in the development of the natural sciences and continues to be indispensable in the exploration of new technologies. The die-cast metal microscope is durable and powerful for years of continued Micro Trekking.

Kit includes: 52-pg. Experiment Manual, 100x - 900x Die-Cast Metal Microscope, Electric Light & Mirror, Zoom Ocular Lens, 3 Objective Lenses, Filter/Aperture Wheel, Projector and Photography Attachment, [8] Blank Slides, [2] Prepared Slides, [12] Coverslips, Tweezers, [2] Teasing Needles, Scalpel, Dropper Pipette, Glass Bowl, Petri Dish, Glass Test Tube, Stopper, [2] Collecting Vials, Eosin Dye, Condenser Lens, Spare Light Bulb, Microtome, Micrometer Film and Projector Adaptor.

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