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Super Economy Gears Set, Black ** Super Economy Gears Set, GREEN Advanced Gear Set Slotted Opticoupler Gear & Pulley Combo ** Deluxe Gear Set ** KELVIN® Gear & Motor Mounting Bracket Inertia Welder Pan Head Sheet Metal Screw, 6x 3/8 in. Flat Head Sheet Metal Screw, 4 x 1/4 in. Binding Head Machine Screw, 4:40 x 1/2 in. Lock Nut, Nylon

Set Screw Gear, 60 tooth, 60mm Set Screw Gear, 50 tooth, 50mm Set Screw Gear, 40 tooth, 40mm Set Screw Gear, 30 tooth, 30mm Set Screw Gear, 20 tooth, 20mm Set Screw Gear, 10 tooth, 10mm Set Screw Bevel Gear Crank Handle Worm Gear Worm Gear, White** Gear Racks ** Beveled Gears ** 4mm to 3mm Hole Reducer 4mm to 2mm Hole Reducer Double Molded Gear, 30- / 10-tooth * Deluxe Gear Set ** Double Molded Gear, 50- / 10-tooth *

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