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Lab 6a - Transformation of E. Coli

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Transformation of E. Coli with pGAL(tm) (Blue Colony)

In this experiment, the transformants acquire antibiotic resistance and exhibit a blue color due to the incorporation and expression of ¤-galactosidase and ampicillin resistance genes.

Includes: complete instructions, LyphoCells(tm), Plasmid DNA, Control Buffer, Induction buffer, Reconstitution Media, Ampicillin Antibiotic, X-Gal in solvent, ReadyPour(tm) Luria Broth Agar, Luria Broth Media for Recovery, Petri plates, 60 mm, Wrapped 10 ml Pipets, Sterile Calibrated Transfer Pipets, Sterile Inoculating Loops, and Microtest tubes with attached caps. Some components require -20__ÖC freezer storage upon receipt. For 10 Transformations.

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