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Lab 4 - Plant Pigment Chromatography

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Plant Pigment Chromatography and Photosynthesis

Chromatographic separation of carotene, xanthophyll and chlorophylls are performed on thin layers. The reformulated solvent systems minimize toxicity. Key reagents are included to demonstrate photosynthesis.

Includes: complete instructions, background information and study questions, Chloroplast Extraction Buffer, Reducing Reagent, Chloroplast Dilution Buffer, DCIP, Standard Pigments, Chromatography Solvent, Sarkosyl, Thin Layer Cellulose Chromatography Plate, Microliter Capillary Pipets, 4 Plastic Transfer Pipets, 24 Microtest Tubes, 15 ml Centrifuge Tubes, and Distilled water. Enough for 10 groups.

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