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KELVIN® Kre8® Brainy-USB Board Kit

Price: $28.95
Stock #: 842113

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    This low-cost 8pin multi-purpose microcontroller in kit or (assembled and tested), when assembled by soldering, makes a versatile control board that can be programmed via a computer using the latest Flowol™ 3 software. It has three outputs, one of which can control a DC motor while the other two can operate LEDs. You can test and debug your program directly when the ‘Brainy-USB’ board is connected via a suitable USB download cable. When the user has downloaded the program the USB cable is removed for remote autonomous use.

    Brainy-USB’ is designed to easily integrate with working models, such as a fairground ride made from Kre8®, using the corner holes to fix in place. Users connect to the input or output connections by soldering wires. *Alternatively screw connectors can be soldered in place.

    ‘Live debug’ in real time (sometimes called ‘in circuit emulation’ or ICE for short)! The Flowol™ 3 software makes easy testing and set up with its powerful facility to program as normal AND also the ability to directly control the Brainy-USB in real time while testing. Responding to PCB input feedback via the USB cable before the program is finally downloaded for autonomous use and the USB cable is removed. The Brainy-USB then works independent of the computer and can be taken home as a working project.

    Each kit includes: Brainy-USB PCB, chip holder, 3.5mm socket for USB cable, resistors, capacitors, diodes, 6V battery holder and additional information. Teachers can also supply screws or removable connectors (so the ‘inputs’ and ‘outputs’ can be changed without soldering), LEDs, 3- 6V electric motors, switches and soldering equipment. Soldering required. You will also need to purchase Flowol 3™ software (see below) and at least one download cable (see below) for the classroom.

    Assembled version available below.

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