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KELVIN® Investigate Infrared (IR) Control Mini Lab

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Experiment with wireless IR control of 4 motor outputs. Lab is available as a Build Your Own® Kit (for advanced students) or buy already assembled. Kit versions require soldering and assembly and are for advanced students. Optional Robotics Vehicle Base (not included) to build and experiment with sold separately (see right). Grades 9 and up.


The transmitter uses infrared light to transmit commands to the receiver. Visual and audible methods are used to demonstrate methods of infrared technology communication. Each transmitter/controller can control 3 motors and a solenoid. The first and second motor are assumed to be connected to the wheels and the controller can control forward, backward, left and right movements. For the third motor the controller can control the left and right direction of movement. The controller can turn the solenoid on and off. Simple switch interface, easy to hold and operate.


The microcontroller-based receiver module measures just a bit over 3”x2” in size. Screw terminal for the motors and the solenoid are used for easy access and modifications. Four bi-color LEDs visually indicate the state of each motor driver. A bank of small switches selects one of the sixteen supported devices.

IR Control Mini Lab with 1 Assembled Receiver and 1 Assembled Transmitter.

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