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KELVIN® Wireless Basic SUMO Car Wrestler®

Price: $195.00
Stock #: 841289


Students will design a car that is controlled by either 2 servo motors and a controller (SUMO® W2) or a 4 servo motors and 2 controllers (SUMO__ᬨ_Ø__⬨_Ñ_ W4). The project is designed for the problem-solving or 'design crazy' student. It is intended for school use only. Two sets are required for competitions. Please look for wheels, gears, and pulleys throughout the web site.

The KELVIN® SUMO® W2 allows students to move the car front, back, right, and left. Comes with 2 servo motors and a receiver, matching frequency for receiver and transmitter(need one per car) and a robotic car kit basic comes complete with battery for servo and battery for powering the car and battery charger.

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