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KELVIN® Structures Lab Complete Package w/PC

Price: $3,795.00
Stock #: 841711


Structures like the Golden Gate bridge can be a breathtaking sight. How can anything so big begin as an idea and end up as a working monument? From suspension to draw bridges, students can learn about bridges, how they're built, and design principles with this lab.

Hands-on activities also include having students design and build a model bridge. Design, build and evaluate bridges towers and structures using the Bridge and Tower Tester for stress and the E.Q. Earthquake Machine for vibration. Grades 7-12. No Computer Required.

This lab includes:

  • Computer
  • 17” LCD Display
  • Pre-Loaded Software (Bridge Builder, ModelSmart, and 3D ModelSmart)
  • Bridge and Tower Tester™ Analog
  • Laser Beam Deflection Analyzer
  • E.Q. Earthquake Machine™
  • Variable Power Supply
  • Basswood Bridge Class Kit
  • Balsa Bridge Class Kit
  • Intro to Bridge Building Video
  • Wood Beams
  • Kel-Stick™ Pack
  • Foam Board
  • Construction Cord
  • Pins Round-Head
  • Pins, T-Head
  • Plain Grid Paper
  • DesignGrid™ Paper
  • DesignGrid™ Cardboard
  • Masking Tape
  • Cutting Mats Self-Healing
  • Scissors
  • [12] Snap Blade Craft Knives
  • [60] Snap Blades
  • [12] Safety Glasses
  • [12] Rulers
  • Lesson Guide
  • Workstation Sign
  • [3] Tech Excellence Medallions
  • [30] Tech Excellence Certificates

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