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KELVIN® Simplex Communications System

Price: $195.00
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"Several groups of 5th graders have tested this and really have had great success with it. They are using it as part of a telemetry project to communicate via voice as they simulate grabbing a satellite with a robotic arm and placing it the shuttle. Kid's really like this project; they figured it out without the manual. That's the way kids do it! Most teachers and visitors need the manual to feel comfortable with the equipment."
-Terry Thode, Ernest Hemingway School Ketchum, ID

Introduce students to one-way communication by transmitting Morse code, signal generator voice, wire communication, fiber optics, infrared and satellite simulation.

Students can also learn about amplifying transmitting and receiving sound. In addition, the system can transmit and receive voice and sounds from the included microphone or your tape recorder, CD player or radio.

Use the Communication System to learn about:

  • Infrared
  • Telegraph
  • Voice
  • Fiber Optics
  • Wire
  • Satellite

The assembled trainers include transmitter, receiver, satellite simulator microphone and instruction manual. Gr. 6 and up.

KELVIN®'s unique Communication System is now available in a Duplex (2-Way) version!

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