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KELVIN® Security-DVR-Digital Video Lab for 8 Channels

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Security Is A Concern For Homes, Businesses and The Nation

Introduce students to the modern security technology with hands on installation and operation of the security system and software. Students will acquire a familiarity with the control board, software, connections and wiring. They will also learn how to set up DVR client for local or remote access as well as alarm function. Finally, they will install the cameras and wiring. The school will receive an assembled computer ready to operate. After testing the units the teacher may disassemble the units.

The security system consists of four parts:

Digital Video Recorder (DVR): You can watch live or recorded videos from anywhere even remotely. The remote client is connected through the use of a high speed internet (DSL or cable) or regular phone lines. DVR's consists of two main components. One is the Video Server and second is the DVR Client.The systrem allows you to connect several cameras to a single recording unit

Video Server: This server is typically a device that captures and stores the video on its local hard drive and can also be configured to save its data on a network storage device. To minimize the storage requirements when monitoring and capturing videos from an empty room, the software Motion Detection can be setup to store the data only when it detects motion in the video frame. This technique can also be used to trigger an alarm.

Video Camera: Many styles are available: color, high resolution vs regular, indoor, outdoor weatherproof, motion, infrared light assist for low light, small cameras that are hidden as well as camera that are powered remote control.

Control Room: The security controller can view on location using his monitor or from remote computer using the internet.

This lab includes:

  • Computer (120G) with 17" LCD Display and Internal DVD-RW Drive
  • Interface Video Board (Installed and Tested) and Hardware for 8 Channels
  • WIN based DVR Software
  • Wiring
  • 500 ft of RGB 59 Cable
  • BNC connectors
  • Basic Tool Kit

Additional versions and individual components available below.

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