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KELVIN® Material Tester Complete Package

Price: $1,995.00
Stock #: 841813


An ideal addition for your classroom to test strength of various materials.

The system consists of a modified vice, fitted with electronic sensors to measure tension, compression and distance traveled. On the vise there is a set of clamp that allows you to clamp the material tested. Materials that can be tested are: different kinds of paper, fabrics, thin strands of plastic and metals. The system interfaces to a PC computer and its software runs under Microsoft Windows 98 SP2 – XP.

Features include:

  • Strain gauge sensor for accurate measurements.
  • Sensor to measure force and distance stretched
  • Clamp mounting mechanism for easy material placement.
  • Continuous tension, compression display
  • Automatic and accurate sensor calibration.
  • Single run or continues run plotting modes
  • Instant, minimum and maximum values constantly maintained
  • 5 levels of software zooming to the graph area. You can zoom at each area independently.
  • Two different plotting modes (panning and wrapping)
  • Selectable data acquisition rate (samples per second)
  • Save and retrieve graph data to files for later analysis
  • Superimpose up to 4 data sets on a graph for comparisons

Complete package includes Material Tester (#841228 ), PC, Pre-Loaded Software (Windows XP-7) and 17-inch LCD Display.

Does not included stand-alone interface or built-in LCD display.

School Use Only.Allow 8-10 Weeks for Delivery.

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