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KELVIN® Hydroponics Lab

Price: $1,195.00
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Imagine the same sun that heats and lights the earth can be used to produce electricity and energy. For many centuries, solar energy has been used to heat or cool structures, and in recent years, generate electricity. Students can learn how to generate and use solar energy with this lab.

This start-up package includes KELVIN's Solar Racer which allow students to see for themselves how sunlight is transformed into energy. Hands-on activities include constructing and studying a Solar Model House and completing solar experiments. Grades 7-12. No computer required.

Major Items

  • [12] KELVIN® Solar Racer I Kits
  • Battery Power Pack
  • Solar Energy Experiments Kits
  • Model Solar House
  • Using Solar Cells Kit
  • Intro to Solar Energy Book

Additional Items

  • Encapsulated Solar Cells, 400mA and 1000mA
  • Light Reflector
  • Bulb, 150W
  • Solar Cell Package
  • Radiometer, 4-Vane Glass
  • Cool Melt Glue Gun
  • Low Melt Glue Slugs
  • Snap Blade Craft Knives
  • Snap Blades
  • Cutting Mats, Self-Healing
  • Scissors
  • Rulers
  • DesignGrid Paper

Activity Resources

  • KELVIN® Lesson Guide
  • KELVIN® Design Portfolios
  • KELVIN® Workstation Sign
  • [3] Medallions for Technology Excellence
  • [30] Certificates for Technology Excellence

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