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KELVIN® Flight Lab

Price: $1,995.00
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How does a Stealth plane fly? The answer to this can be answered with the study of aerodynamics and the testing of airfoils. Students will learn how the shape of an object allows air to lift or push it with this lab.

This start-up package features the Wright Brothers Airplane Design Challenge which allows students to design the top airfoil fort a model plane or, the complete plane, and test it using the KELVIN® PowerPole (in a 5-6 ft. flying radius). From balloons to flight exploration, hands-on activities include designing and building hot air balloons and gliders to evaluate shapes. Grades 6-12.

This lab includes:

  • Wright Brothers Airplane Design Challenge
  • Hot Air Balloon Design Challenge
  • PowerPole (Rugged All Metal Construction)
  • Variable Speed Power Supply
  • ATEC's Flight Control Kit and Book
  • [35] Delta Dart Plane Kits
  • Remote-Controlled Flying Saucer
  • Flight Yoke and Pedals, USB
  • Engineering and Aerodynamics, Parts I and IJ (IBM)
  • Stopwatch
  • Tape Measure, 100 ft.
  • Lesson Guide
  • Workstation Sign
  • [3] Tech Excellence Medallions
  • [30] Tech Excellence Certificates

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