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KELVIN® Fiber Optics, Lasers & Communications Lab

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6 Ways to Communicate!
Infrared • Telegraph • Voice • Fiber Optics • Wire • Satellite

Futuristic laser and fiber optics communication isn’t just part of sci-fi television shows anymore; they are the state of the art in communications today. Students learn about fiber optics, lasers, wire, and infrared communications. Hands-on activities include simulating a satellite station and exploring laser voice modulation with this lab.

This start-up package features the KELVIN® Communication System™ with hands-on activities that include simulating satellite data relay stations. The KELVIN® Voice Over Laser Beam™ (transmitter and receiver) can be used to explore laser voice modulation.

This lab includes:

  • Duplex Communication System™ with Satellite Simulator

  • Voice Over Laser Beam™ Trainer

  • Fundamentals of Laser Technology Video

  • Light Wave Communication Book

  • Double Hand Holder (Helping Hands)

  • Laser Diffraction Tool

  • Convex and Concave Mirror

  • Jump Lead Set

  • Activity Resources (Medallion and Certificates)

  • Lesson Guide

Recommended for Grades 6-9.

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