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KELVIN® Computer Servicing Modular Lab

Price: $2,995.00
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Lab Includes a Fully Loaded Computer, 19" LCD Display and Color Inkjet Printer

Introduce students to the hardware that makes up a personal computer by disassembling and assembling one. Students will be able to do basic repairs, upgrade and exchange components. The high powered, high storage, open architecture Computer (assembled) can do real graphics, CAD and multimedia functions.

This Modular Lab Includes:

  • Fully Loaded Computer with LCD Display, Keyboard, Mouse, Hard Drive, DVD Burner/Player, Windows, Stereo Speakers, Software Bundle, Backup Utilities
  • Computer disassembled
  • Color Inkjet Printer
  • Printer Cable
  • Computer Repair Tool Kit
  • Computer Cleaning Kit
  • Instruction Module

Lessons Cover:

  1. PC Set Up and Test: Interconnecting the main units, applying power and booting up, initial software tests, verification of operation.
  2. PC Disassembly and Identification of Major Components: Disconnecting the major components, opening the cabinet, identification of the main components; removal of cables, plug-in cards, disk drives, motherboard, power supply; review of motherboard, hard drives, power supply.
  3. PC Re-Assembly: Reinstallation of power supply, motherboard, disk drives, cables/plug-in cards, cabinet; reconnecting peripherals; testing.
  4. PC Configuration with CMOS set-up
  5. Windows Tutorial
  6. Basic Troubleshooting: RAM, video, power supply.
  7. Upgrading a Computer: RAM (SIMMs and DIMMs), hard drive, audio card, CD-ROM drive.
  8. Printer Installation, Testing and Servicing
  9. Modem Installation and Testing
  10. Use of Online Services and the Internet (internet access required).

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