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KELVIN® Bridges, Towers & Structures Lab

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Structures like the Golden Gate bridge can be a breathtaking sight. How can anything so big begin as an idea and end up as a working monument? From suspension to draw bridges, students can learn about bridges, how they're built, and design principles with this lab.

Hands-on activities also include having students design and build a model bridge. Design, build and evaluate bridges, towers and structures using the Bridge and Tower Tester for stress and the E.Q. Earthquake Machine (shown with the Mass Destruction Unit which is available seperately - see below) for vibration. Grades 7-12. No Computer Required.

Major Items

  • KELVIN® Bridge and Tower Tester, Analog
  • KELVIN® Deflection Analyzer
  • KELVIN® E.Q. Earthquake Machine™
  • KELVIN® Power Supply
  • KELVIN® Basswood Bridge Class Kit
  • KELVIN® Balsawood Bridge Class Kit

Related Media

  • Introduction to Bridge Building Book

Additional Items

  • Wood Beams
  • Kel-Stick Pack
  • Foam Board
  • Construction Cord
  • Pins, Round-Head
  • Pins, T-Head
  • Plain Cardboard
  • DesignGrid Paper
  • DesignGrid Cardboard
  • Masking Tape
  • Cutting Mats, Self-Healing
  • Scissors
  • [12] Snap Blade Craft Knives
  • [60] Snap Blades
  • [12] Safety Glasses
  • [12] Rulers
  • Posterboard

Activity Resources

  • Design Portfolios
  • KELVIN® Lesson Guide
  • KELVIN® Workstation Sign
  • [3] Medallions for Technology Excellence
  • [30] Certificates for Technology Excellence

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