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KELVIN® 2-Way Intercom Communication System Kit

Price: $39.95
Stock #: 841034


Using an intercom is one of the most popular activities in communication. They can be a valuable communication tool within a house, class, special events, field trips etc.

KELVIN®'s Intercom features include:

  • Minimized feedback noises and retain sensitivity. You can have the two intercoms close to each other without hearing annoying feedback noises. Clear crystal sound quality.
  • Units can be powered by a batteries or wall mounted power supply. Only one unit needs to have the power supply (or battery). The second gets the power from the first. The on/off switch can turn on or off both units.
  • Each side can buzz the other for getting attention.
  • You can use the buzzer to practice Morse Code by sending messages to the ™other side™. One of the finest intercoms in the educational field.

Includes a pair of intercoms, project boxes, 2 pair of wires and one battery. Kit requires assembly and soldering. Grades 10 and Up.

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