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Intro to Laser Technology Lab

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Complete 10-day Curriculum. This Laser module is written using the new CD-ROM, Fundamentals of Laser Technology. Students will learn about the history of lasers, laser theory, how lasers are used in industry, communications, light, properties of light and a basic introduction to fiber optics. There is also a chapter devoted to the explanation of Photonics. Hands-on activities include: laser safety, the five classes of lasers, measuring the output of a laser and other light sources, the effect of prisms and diffraction glasses, viewing the beam as it travels, laser security systems, laser leveling, photonics, optics, communications, fiber optics and fiber optic communications.

10 days of activities include:

  • 1. The History of Lasers
  • 2. Laser Theory
  • 3. Lasers Aplications 1
  • 4. Lasers Application 2
  • 5. Introduction to Photonics
  • 6. Lasers and Optical Materials
  • 7. Lasers in Communications
  • 8. Introduction to Fiber Optics
  • 9. Fiber Optic Communications
  • 10. Laser Careers

This module includes: SLC .9mW Clear Modulated Diode Laser (635nm) with adapter, microphone, photometer/receiver with adapter, photocell detector, fiber optic cable, (2) stands, Altman optics kit, front surface mirror, diverging lens, diffraction glasses, magnifying glass, glass prism, AM/FM radio with patch cord, laser level, mini tripod, (3) leveling assemblies, security system, 8+ x 10+ danger sign, fog-in-a-can, comb, rubber band and fiber optic sample kit. Also, Photonic Spectrum wall chart, CD-ROM, Fundamentals of Laser Technology, Parts 1 and 2, (2) Usborne textbooks -Lasers-, (1) Laser Careers textbook, (2) Student Guides and (1) Teacher+s Manual. Now includes two new storage containers and accessories box.

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