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Intermediate Laser Technology Lab

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This module has been recently redesigned. We replaced a couple of activities and rewrote a couple of others using different equipment. The more popular activities, Bar Code Scanning, Transmission of Video Signals, Surveying and Leveling, Tyndall's Experiment and Lasers in Entertainment, are still intact. We've added our SLC Particle Counter, our Mini SLC Satellite, a Medical Arthroscopy Handpiece, which uses fiber optics and some new, interesting Optics.

This is a LEVEL 2 program. It takes over where our introductory modules leave off. It contains more exciting hands-on activities than any module we manufacture. If you want to hold your student's attention while teaching them new technology, Module 7 will fill that need. Module also includes Pretest, Final test and complete parts list.

An outline of the 10-day Curriculum includes:

  1. Review of Laser Technology
  2. Land Surveying and Leveling
  3. Bar Code Scanning
  4. Metrology Applications
  5. Tyndall’s Experiment
  6. Laser Video Transmission
  7. Satellite Communications
  8. Lasers in Entertainment
  9. Medical and Laser Optics
  10. Review and Final Test
  11. </ol

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