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Holography Starter Kit

Price: $195.00
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Used by thousands of teachers, students, and hobbyists from over 50 countries each year, this hologram kit provide the essentials for you to make many kinds of holograms in your classroom or home.
EASY! There's no need for you to work with beam splitters, front surface mirrors, or vibration isolation tables. So students can easily make holograms in the classroom.

Includes the following booklets:

Holography (20 pages): This booklet provides detailed explanations on how many kinds holograms work, including holographic movies. Uses high school levels physics without the math. Recommended for instructors and students.

Laser Holography: Experiments You Can Do (32 pages). This booklet provides instructions at the most elementary level on how to make seven different kinds of holograms. Suitable for beginners and teachers.

Each hologram kit includes a Laser, Glass Plates (12 each of 2.5” x 2.5” size), Extra Fast Chemical Developer, Instruction Booklets, and more.

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