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Focus On Waves, School Site License

Price: $895.00
Stock #: 121672


An interactive approach to waves. The software uses interactive models, animated sequences and simulated experiments. The CD can be used to illustrate theory to practice data acquisition and data processing via simulated experiments as an aid to revision.

This Software Covers:

  • Absorption of Gamma Rays
  • Damped SHM
  • Diffraction Grating (spectrometer)
  • Electromagnetic, Transverse and Longitudinal Standing and Sound Waves
  • Forced Oscillations and Resonance
  • Hydrogen Emission Spectra
  • Multiple Slit Diffraction
  • Polarization
  • Ripple Tank Models
  • Sound Waves
  • Speed of Sound Measurement
  • Superposition of Waves
  • Young's Double Slit experiment
  • Wave Mathematics Reference

School Site License, Windows XP or later. Requires a Computer with at least 256 MB Ram and P200.

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