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Focus On Fields, School Site License

Price: $895.00
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Focus on Physics: Fields is a collection of simulated science experiments and interactive topics covering the Fields section of AS and A2 level Physics. The interactive models, animated sequences and simulated experiments are integrated with reference sections where theory is explained and relevant formulae are derived.

Physics: Fields is an excellent choice for whole class whiteboard teaching and for use as an individual study aid.

Physics Fields: Topics Covered:

  • Alpha particle scattering
  • DC motor
  • Deflection by electric fields
  • Deflection by magnetic fields
  • Dynamo
  • Magnetic field plotting
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Force on a current carrying conductor
  • Mass Spectrometer
  • Millikans oil drop experiment
  • Motion in a uniform gravitational field
  • Planetary orbits
  • Thompsons experiment for e/m


  • Students can practice experiments before actual lab work.
  • Use the program as a revision aid
  • The CD also contains a comprehensive animated reference section, linked to topic area

School Site License, Windows XP or later.

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