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Flowol 4 Software, Windows

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Flowol™ 4 is the perfect introduction to programming in Computer Science! Students of all ages can explore automatic systems through the virtual world of Mimics (controllable on-screen pictures); models operated by connected interface hardware; and the visual programming language of flowcharts.

Programming visually with a flowchart allows the student to focus on the logic of their solution rather than the syntax of a written program.

Flowol supports many programming elements:

  • Sequences of instructions
  • Branching using decisions
  • Loops (infinite, conditional, or count)
  • Variables and simple variable manipulation
  • Sub-procedures (parameters optional)
  • Multiple parallel threads

Flowol 4 can be used to control mimics, real models and robots. Students can drag standard flowchart symbols onto the page and then link them together using the line tool (a). Symbols are edited using the on-screen prompt box (b). Typing or syntax cannot get in the way. They can then run the flowchart and monitor the program; adjusting speed or pausing to demonstrate or correct logic (c). The status of the system (inputs and outputs) can be easily monitored (d).

Other versions available, see below.

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