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Detection of a Simulated Infectious Agent

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...as a Biological Weapon

Bioterrorism can occur under various scenarios. One is an attack at an unexpected place, without warning or knowledge of the type of biological agent. Another is an announced attack whereby the biological agent is disclosed. The delivery is usually by aerosol or direct contact. Although all infectious outbreaks are not bioterrorism events, it is important to understand how the spread of infections is used by bioterrorists as a weapon. A bioterrorism infectious outbreak requires prompt and accurate identification of the biological agent. Often, early clinical symptoms are first identified in exposed individuals and later confirmed by laboratory tests. In this experiment, students will transmit the simulated infectious agent (a chemical dye) between classmates. The simulated infectious agent is only visible under long U.V. (black) light. The pattern of transmission will be documented.

Experiment includes: complete instructions, Reagents for simulating an infectious agent (Fluorescent Dye Indicator and negative sample), Test Tubes and caps, Transfer pipets, One Long UV Mini-Light, Gloves, Petroleum jelly, Cotton swabs. Enough for 10 groups.

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