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Computerized Video Production Lab with [2] SD Camcorders

Price: $1,995.00
Stock #: 842001


Today, with super fast computers available memory and ample hard drives, videographers are switching to computers to edit cut, paste and organize video footage. The camcorders and easy-to-use software that are included with these labs will help students produce quality school video clip.

Two camcorders allows videotaping from two angles (or use one camcorder as a back-up camera).

Lab includes:

  • Computer with a 19-inch LCD Monitor
  • [2] SD Camcorders
  • DVD/VCR Deck
  • Color TV Monitor
  • Pre-Installed Editing Software
  • Camera Storage Case
  • Light Tripod, Light and Umbrella
  • Blank VHS tapes
  • Blank DVDs
  • Related Books
  • Workstation Sign

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