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Computerized Video Lab with [2] Hard Drive Camcorders

Price: $2,995.00
Stock #: 841910


Today, with super fast computers, available memory and ample hard drives, videographers are switching to computers to edit, cut, paste and organize video footage. This lab gives you what you need to learn about videography.

The DVD Camcorders and easy-to-use software included with these labs will help students produce quality school video clip. Lab II features [2] camcorders which allows videotaping from two angles (or use one camcorder as a back-up camera). No tapes or DVDs are needed with the hard drive camcorders. Footage is downloaded directly to a computer.

This Lab Includes:

  • Computer w/17” LCD Monitor
  • Camcorder and Blank DVDs
  • DVD/VCR Deck, Blank VHS tapes
  • Pre-Installed Editing Software
  • Digital Camera Storage Case
  • Light Tripod, Light and Umbrella
  • Tripod
  • Color TV Monitor
  • Related Books
  • Workstation Sign

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