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Technology Closeouts 

ABS Angle Beam, 1/16 in. sq.
ABS Angle Beam, 1/4 in. sq.
ABS Angle Beam, 1/8 in. sq.
ABS Angle Beam, 3/8 in. sq.
ABS Beam, 1-1/4 in. W x 0.020 T
ABS Beam, 1-1/4 in. W x 0.030 T
ABS Beam, 1/4 in. W x 1/8 in. T
ABS Beam, 1/8 in. sq.
ABS Box, 3 in. x 2 in. x 1 in.
ABS Box, 6 in. x 3 in. x 2 in.
ABS Channel Beam, 1/4 in. W
ABS Channel Beam, 1/8 in. W
ABS H Beam, 1/4 in. sq.
ABS H Beam, 1/8 in. sq.
ABS I Beam, 1/2 in. W
ABS I Beam, 1/4 in. W
ABS I Beam, 1/8 in. W
ABS I Beam, 3/8 in. W
ABS Open Web Beam, 1/2 in. W
ABS Open Web Beam, 1/4 in. W
ABS Open Web Beam, 1 in. W
ABS Open Web Beam, 3/4 in. W
ABS Open Web Beam, 3/8 in. H
ABS Open Web Beam, 5/8 in. W
ABS T Beam, 1/4 in. sq.
ABS T Beam, 1/8 in. sq.
ABS Tube, 1/4 in. sq.
ABS Tube, 1/4 in. W x 3/16 in. H
ABS Tube, 1/8 in. sq.
ABS Tube, 3/8 in. sq.
ABS Tube, 3/8 in. W x 1/4 in. H
ABS Tube, 5/16 in. W x 1/4 in. H
Acryl-Hinge Fastener
Acrylic Hinge, Invisible
Adhesive Magnet Strip, 1/2 in. W
Adhesive Magnet Strips, 1 in. W
Aerodynamics Workstation Sign
Aeronautics Workstation Sign
Airbrush Paint, Aqua
Airbrush Paint, Base Coat White
Airbrush Paint, Black
Airbrush Paint, Brite Blue
Airbrush Paint, Cleaner
Airbrush Paint, Dark Green
Airbrush Paint, Deep Purple
Airbrush Paint, Emerald Green
Airbrush Paint, Flame Orange
Airbrush Paint, Flame Red
Airbrush Paint, Flame Yellow
Airbrush Paint, Midnight Blue
Airbrush Paint, White
Alnico 1 in. Horseshoe Magnet
Alnico Bar Magnet
Alnico Bar Magnets
Aluminum Plates
Aluminum - Sheet - 0.016 in. Thick
Aluminum - Sheet - 0.032 in. Thick
Aluminum - Sheet - 0.064 in. Thick
Aluminum Strips
Amazing Goop
Animation Workstation Sign
Assorted Colors Posterboard Bulk Pack
ATEC's Geodesic Domes Kit
Auto Air Paint, Aluminum Base (fine)
Auto Air Paint, Candy Black Cherry
Auto Air Paint, Candy Emerald Green
Auto Air Paint, Chameleon Flair Tint Violet
Auto Air Paint, Hi-Lite Interference Gold
Auto Air Paint, Hot Rod Sparkle Gold
Auto Air Paint, Hot Rod Sparkle Green
Auto Air Paint, Hot Rod Sparkle White
Auto Air Paint, Iridescent Brite Yellow
Auto Air Paint, Iridescent Candy Apple Red
Auto Air Paint, Iridescent Electric Blue
Auto Air Paint, Iridescent Purple
Auto Air Paint, Metallic Gold
Auto Air Paint, Metallic Silver
Auto Air Paint, Metallic White
Auto Air Paint, Pearl Blue
Auto Air Paint, Pearl Line Green
Auto Air Paint, Pearl Purple
Auto Air Paint, Pearl Red
Auto Air Paint, Pearl Teal
Auto Air Paint, Reducer
Auto Air Paint, Transparent Black
Auto Air Paint, Transparent Blue
Auto Air Paint, Transparent Brite Green
Auto Air Paint, Transparent Fire Red
Auto Air Paint, Transparent Orange
Auto Air Paint, Transparent Purple
Auto Air Paint, Transparent Yellow
Automata Motor Kit A
Automotive Workstation Sign
Ball-Bearing Pulley
Base Coat Sealer Dark
Base Plate Turntable
Basic Steam Boat
Bewitched Kit
Boe-Bot Class Pack
Bottle Cap
Build Your Own Talking Clock
Carbon Speed Glow Plug
Casting Plaster
Circle Cutter
Construction Paper - Black
Construction Paper - Blue
Construction Paper - Brown
Construction Paper - Gray
Construction Paper - Green
Construction Paper - Lilac
Construction Paper - Red
Construction Paper - Salmon
Construction Paper - Violet
Construction Paper - White
Construction Paper - Yellow
Construction Workstation Sign
Contact Cement
Contour Gauge
Cosmic Sparkle Copper Auto Air Paint
Cosmic Sparkle Red Auto Air Paint
Cupid Kit
Cylinder Multi-Cavity Mold
Decals, Drag Racer
Decals, Dragonfire
Decals, Horsepower
Decals, NASCAR
Decals, Off-Road
Decals, Road Rocket
Decals, Sponsor
Decals, Stripes & Flames
Design Workstation Sign
Do-It-Yourself Water Slip Clear Decal Pack
Do-It-Yourself Water Slip Refill Clear Decal Paper
Double Molded Gear, 30- / 10-tooth *
Double Molded Gear, 50- / 10-tooth *
Drafting Workstation Sign
Dragonfly Plane
DREMEL Metal Grinder
DREMEL Variable-Speed Tool Kit
DREMEL Workstation
Duco Cement
Duct Tape, Red
Duct Tape, Yellow
Dura-Collar, 1/16 in. ID
Dura-Collar, 1/4 in. ID
Dura-Collar, 1/8 in. ID
Dura-Collar, 3/16 in. ID
Dura-Collar, 3/32 in. ID
Dura-Collar, 5/32 in. ID
Dura-Collar, 7/32 in. ID
E-Z Connectors
E-Z Water
TechCard Blueprints Electric Propeller-Powered Car Kit
TechCard Blueprints Electric Roadster Kit
Elmer's Glue, Gallon
Eyes, 10mm
Eyes, 15mm
Eyes, 7mm
Eyes, Assorted Sizes
Feathers - Small
Fighterstick USB
Finger Paint, Black
Finger Paint, Blue
Finger Paint, Brown
Finger Paint, Green
Finger Paint, Orange
Finger Paint, Red
Finger Paint, Violet
Finger Paint, White
Finger Paint, Yellow
First Aid Workstation Sign
Fiskars Craft Drill
Flying Pig Kit
Flying Saucer, 2-Channel
Flying Saucer Airbag
Foam for Spool Wheels
Foam Wheels
Fuel Container/Dispenser
Gasket Set
Gear Drive Motor, Solar
Gear Pack - 15mm, 13-tooth **
Gear Pack - 20mm, 18-tooth **
Gear Pack - 40mm, 38-tooth **
Gear Pack - 60mm, 58-tooth **
Gearbox Pack, Standard
Gears & Racks Set *
Giant 8 in. Horseshoe Magnet
Glider Plane Kit
Glitter - Blue
Glitter - Copper
Glitter - Gold
Glitter - Green
Glitter Paint - Blue, 8 oz.
Glitter Paint - Gold, 8 oz.
Glitter Paint - Green, 16 oz.
Glitter Paint - Green, 8 oz.
Glitter Paint - Magenta, 8 oz.
Glitter Paint - Red, 16 oz.
Glitter Paint - Red, 8 oz.
Glitter Paint - Silver, 16 oz.
Glitter Paint - Silver, 8 oz.
Glitter Paint - Violet, 16 oz.
Glitter Paint - Violet, 8 oz.
Glitter Paint - Yellow, 8 oz.
Glitter - Red
Glitter - Silver

Glue Gun, 10W Hot Melt Mini
Grass Mat
Hand, Offset

Hand, Small Wave
Handy Generator
Harbor Tug Boat, Large
Helicopter Kit, Large
Hole Punch
Horseshoe Magnet - 1-1/4 in. Tall
Horseshoe Magnet, 3-1/2 in.
Hot Melt Glue Gun
Household Goop
How To Use An Airbrush
Ignition Tester
Injection Molding Glue Sticks
Instant Modeling Glue
Internet Workstation Sign
KELVIN® Blimp Racer Balloon Consumables Pack
KELVIN® Introduction to Bridge Building
KELVIN® Kre8® POP Robots Bulk Pack
KELVIN® Mousetrap Powered Boat Bulk Pack
KELVIN® Odyssey™ Active Solar Collector Sign
KELVIN® Odyssey™ Parabolic Solar Collector Sign
KELVIN® Road to Maglev 1/2 Oval Track
KELVIN® Road to Maglev Oval Track
KELVIN® Build Your Own® Fuel Cell Racer
KELVIN® DesignGrid Cardboard, White
KELVIN® Downhill Racer™ PVC Frame Only
KELVIN® Magic Pulley Assembly Only
KELVIN® Road to Maglev Straight Track Car Bulk Pack
Kissing Couple
K'NEX Exploring Machines Set
K'NEX Real Bridge Building
K'NEX Simple Machines: Gears Kit
Kre8® 3V Wired Manual Controller
L-Control Bracket
TechCard Blueprints Land Yacht Kit
Large Plane Kit
Latex Gloves, Large/XL
Latex Gloves, Medium
Latex Gloves, Small
Light Post
Magnet Strip Hold-Its
Magnetic Level
Magnetic Marbles
Magnetic Wand with Counting Chips
Mass Holder Pulley Weights
Memo Pads
Micro Rover Kit
Micrometer Adjust Torque Wrench
Mini Wheels
Model-Making Pins
Model Rocket Emergency Repair Kit
Modeling Clay Tool Set
Multimedia Workstation Sign
Muscle Wires, 100 Micron
Muscle Wires, 150 Micron
Musician (Woody Blues)
Networking Workstation Sign
Niti Spring
North/South Bar Magnets
Nut Driver - 1/2 in.
Nut Driver - 1/4 in.
Nut Driver - 11/32 in.
Nut Driver - 3/16 in.
Nut Driver - 3/8 in.
Nut Driver - 5/16 in.
Nut Driver - 7/16 in.
Nylon Washers
Ocean Motion
Ornithopter Kit
Outcrop Rock Mold
OWI Solar Battery
Paint Brush - 1/2 in. Wide
Paint Brush - 3/4 in. Wide
Paint Brush Set - Camel Hair
Paint Brush Set - Wide Bristle
Photography Workstation Sign
Pipe Cleaners - Black
Pipe Cleaners - Blue
Pipe Cleaners - Brown
Pipe Cleaners - Green
Pipe Cleaners - Red
Pipe Cleaners - White,
Pipe Cleaners - Yellow
Piston Groove Blade Only
Piston Groove Cutter/Cleaner
Piston Ring Compressors
Piston Ring Expander
Plaster Cloth
Plastic Pop Rivets
Plexite Cement
Plumber's Goop
TechCard Blueprints Pneumatic Loading Shovel Kit
Polymorph, 100g
Polystyrene Plastic Enclosures, 4.40 in. L
Polystyrene Plastic Enclosures, 5.90 in. L
Polystyrene Plastic Enclosures, 7.50 in. L
Posterboard - Fluorescent, Small Pack
Power Drive Gearbox with Left Shaft
Power Drive Gearbox with Right Shaft
Power Drive Gearbox
Power Supply & Battery Charger Kit
Pre-Assembled DC Motor
Pre-Printed Bridge/Tower Design Paper, 11 x 17 in.
Pre-Printed Bridge/Tower Design Paper, 17 x 22 in.
Pro Pedals for Yoke, USB
Project Box Bulk Pack
Project Box
Project Candles
Propeller Winder
Publishing Workstation Sign
Pull-Pull Cable System
Pulley, 20mm Set Screw
Pulley Cord
Pulley, 60mm Set Screw
Pulley on a Rod
Pulley Pack, 20mm
Pulley Pack, 30mm
Pulley Pack, 50mm
Pulley Wheel
PVC 4-Way Joint
PVC Elbow Joint
PVC End Caps
PVC Glue
PVC T Joint
PVC Tube, 4 ft. L
PVC Tube, 8 ft. L
Rectangle Foam Blank
Refraction Block - Glass
Rocketry Workstation Sign
Rubber Cement, 4 oz.
Rubber Tire, 75mm Diameter
Rubber Tire, 80mm Diameter
School Glue, Gallon
School Glue, Gel
Servo Arms Attachment - Longer Size
Servo Arms Attachment - Regular Size
Shingles, Asphalt
Shingles, Wood
Silicon Grease Spray
Single Metal Pulley
Skiing Sheep Kit
Small Cylinder Gauge
Small Cylinder Hone
Small Cylinder Honing Stones Only
Small Piston Ring Expander
Small Valve Lapper
Smart Wire and Its Applications
Smart Wire
Social Impacts of Technology Workbook
Spark Plug & Ignition Gauge
Spark Plug Thread Chaser
Split Valve Spring Keeper
Spool Wheels
Spring Slinky
Staple Gun
Starter Clutch Wrench
Steering Arm Assembly
Striping Tape, White
Striping Tape, Yellow
Suction Cup - 1-1/4 in. dia.
Suction Cup - 1-3/4 in. dia.
Suction Cup - 2-1/2 in. dia.
Suction Cup - 3/4 in. dia.
Suregrip Blades
Surfin the Web Kit
Swing Friction Motor
Switch Board
T-Pins, 16 ga.
T-Pins, 24 ga.
T-Style Control Horns
Tail Wheel, 1-1/4 in. dia.
Tail Wheel, 3/4 in. dia.
Technology Lab Workstation Sign
Tissue Paper - Brown
Toner Transfer Paper
Tool Case, Basic
Top Fuel
Traction Bands, 1/2 in. Wide
Transportation Workstation Sign
Treaded Wheel, 2 in. dia.
Treaded Wheel, 3 in. dia
Trees, Colors
Trees, Green
Tug Steam Boat
Valve Spring Compressor
Vehicle Impact Workstation Sign
Vehicle Suspension Workstation Sign
Vinyl & Plastic Tube Cutter
Washable Markers, Wide Point
Wax Works
WeldBond Cement
Wheel Halves, 2 in. dia.
Whitewings Air Force One Kit
Whitewings F/A-18 Hornet
Whitewings Lockheed Vega
Whitewings Sky Carrier + Wolfhound
Whitewings Shuttle + Super Sonic Transport 
Wind Flyer 2 Plane
Wood Glue, Gallon
Wood Siding
Wood Spools
Work Center with Helping Hand
WPSI: School Radio Station Workstation Sign
X-ACTO Mat Cutter Blades

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