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Science Closeouts 

Acid Rain: The Invisible Threat Video Lab
Acrylic Lens and Prism Set
Air Table Projection
Anatomy Set, 8 pc.
Bell Crank Kit
Double Concave Lens, 10cm
Double Concave Lens, 15cm
Double Concave Lens, 20cm
Double Concave Lens, 30cm
Double Concave Lens, 5cm
Double Convex Lens, 10cm
Double Convex Lens, 15cm
Double Convex Lens, 20cm
Double Convex Lens, 30cm
Earthquake Watch Kit
Educational Communication Kit
Electrophoresis Apparatus
Energy Workstation Sign
Exciting Experiments in Solar Power
Focus On Fairground Rides, School Site License
Focus On Fairground Rides
Focus On Fields
Focus On Geography: River Studies
Focus On Graphic Products
Focus On Mechanical Toys, School Site License
Focus On Mechanical Toys
Focus On Plastics, School Site License
Focus On Resistant Materials 2
Focus On Science Diagrams, School Site License
Focus On Science Diagrams
Focus On Science Investigations 1
Focus On Science Investigations 2
Focus On Science Investigations 2, School Site License
Focus On Waves
Focus On Wood Joints
Force Table
Forensics Workstation Sign
Fossil Dig
Glass Lens and Prism Set
Hydrodynamics Workstation Sign
Hydroponics Workstation Sign
Integer Number Ruler
Iron Filings
Jar of Iron Filings
KELVIN® Kel-View Film & Magnetic Investigation
Lab 1 - Diffusion / Osmosis
Landform Demonstration Kit
Lens, 50mm
Lens Holder
Lens Set, 50mm Glass
Magnetic Tester

Magnifier Glasses
Meter Stick Support
Microscope Slides - Frosted End

Microscope Slides - Plain

Mini DC Generator Kit
Mirror - Concave - 38mm x 5cm

Mirror - Concave - 50mm x 15cm
Mirror - Concave - 50mm x 20cm
Mirror - Concave - 50mm x 30cm
Mirror - Concave - 50mm x 6cm
Mirror - Concave - 75mm x 7cm
Mirror, Concave
Mirror - Convex - 38mm x 5cm
Mirror - Convex - 50 mm x 20cm
Mirror - Convex - 50mm x 10cm
Mirror - Convex - 50mm x 15cm
Mirror - Convex - 50mm x 5.5cm
Mirror - Convex - 50mm x 7.5cm
Mirror - Convex - 75mm x 6.5cm
Mirror, Convex
Mirror - Plane - 1.5 in. x 1.5 in.
Mirror - Plane - 100x 100mm
Mirror - Plane - 38mm
Mirror - Plane - 4.5x 3 in.
Mirror - Plane - 4x 6 in.
Mirror - Plane - 75 x 75mm
Object Marker
Perfume Science
Prism - Equilateral - 27x 100mm
Prism - Equilateral - 27x 50mm
Prism - Equilateral - 27x 75mm
Prism - Equilateral - 42x 32mm
Prism - Right Angle - 1 in.
Prism - Right Angle - 2 in.
Prism - Right Angle - 32x 50mm
Recycling Workstation Sign
Self-Assembly Motor Kit
Tech Challenges Workbook
Technology and Science Workbook
Wastewater Treatment Workstation Sign
Weather Meter
Weather Workstation Sign
Wind Generator Propeller Set
Wind & Hydro-Fuel Cell Education Kit
Wind Turbine Workstation Sign

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