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Electronics Closeouts 

Adapter, 12V AC / 1A
Adapter, 12V DC Car
Alligator Clip - Bare, 2 in. Long
Alligator Clip Insulator, Large - Black
Alligator Clip Insulator, Large - Red
Alligator Clip Insulator, Medium - Black
Alligator Clip Insulator, Medium - Red
Alligator Clip - Mini, Bare
Ammeter, DC
Analog Clamp Meter
Banana Plug, Black
Banana Plug, Red
Battery, 9V Ni-Mh
Blank Cover Plate, Metal
BNC Clip (Male) to IC Mini Clips (2) Test Leads
Breadboard, 640 Contacts
Breadboard, 740 Contacts
Breadboard, 840 Contact Prototype
Breadboard, 1,580 Contacts Prototype
Breadboard, 2,390 Contacts Prototype 
Cable Clamp, 1-3/16 in. Diameter
Cable Clamp, 1/4 in. Diameter
Cable Clamp, 1 in. Diameter
Cable Clamp, 3/16 in. Diameter
Cable Clamp, 3/4 in. Diameter
Cable Clamp, 5/8 in. Diameter
Cable Clamp, 7/16 in. Diameter
Circuit Analyzer
Conduit Coupling
Cord Bushing, 2-Prong
Cover Plate, 2 Switch, Plastic (White)
Crank Knob
Crocodile Clip
CrystalPro Kit
Data Line Monitor / Mini Tester
Digital Panel Meter
Direct Etch Tape, 1/16 in. Wide
Direct Etch Tape, 1/32 in. Wide
Direct Etch Tape, 1/4 in. Wide
Direct Etch Tape, 1/64 in. Wide
Direct Etch Tape, 3/32 in. Wide
DiscoveryKit for Electricity Teacher Guide
Dynamic RAM, 41256-100
Electronics Workstation Sign
Extension Cord, 2-Prong
Fan, AC Voltage
Fan Finger Guard, 3 in. Square
Fan Plug Cord
Fiber Optics Cable - Jacketed
Fiber Optics Cable - Unjacketed
Fiber Optics Receiver/Connector
Fiber Optics Transmitter/Connector
Grommet, 1/2 in. Outside Diameter
Grommet, 5/8 in. Outside Diameter
Grommet, 7/16 in. Outside Diameter
Grommet, 7/8 in. Outside Diameter
Heat Shrink Tubing, 3/4 in. Diameter
IC Clip, Black
IC Clip, Red
Infrared LED
Infrared Sensor Pack, Analog (A.I.R.R.S.)
Instrument Case Cover for 430001
Instrument Case Cover for 430002
Instrument Case Cover for 430007
Instrument Case Cover for 430039
Instrument Case Cover for 430040
Instrument Cases, 4 L
Instrument Cases, 5-7/8L
Instrument Cases, 6-1/4 L
Instrument Cases, 6-13/16L
Instrument Cases, 8-3/8 L
Instrument Knob, 1/2 in. Diameter, Blue
Instrument Knob, 1/2 in. Diameter, Red
Instrument Knob, 3/4 in. Diameter, Blue
Instrument Knob, 3/4 in. Diameter, Red
Instrument Knob, Set Screw, 1/8 in. dia. Shaft
Instrument Knob, Split Knurl, 1 in. Diameter
Instrument Knob, Split Knurl, 3/4 in. Diameter
Investigating Electricity Workbooks
KELVIN® 101LE Multimeter
KELVIN® 302LE Multimeter
KELVIN® Continuity Tester Kit
Light Socket, Plastic with Outlet
Lightweight Tool Box
Logic Probe
Logic Probe & Pulser Combo, 2-in-1
Metal Case, 3-1/4 x 2-3/16 x 4 in. 
Metal Case, 4 x 2-3/8 x 5-7/8 in. 
Metal Chassis, 11 in. x 7 in. x 2 in.
Metal Chassis, 5 x 5 x 2 in.
Miniature PCB Solenoid
Motor/Receiver/LED Light Units, 27 Mhz
Motor/Receiver/LED Light Units, 49 Mhz
NTE Component, 108
NTE Component, 171
NTE Component, 963
NTE Component, 966
Optocoupler Interrupter
Oscilloscope Probe, 150MHz
Oscilloscope Probe, 60MHz
Panavise Base, Bench Clamp
Panavise Base, Low Profile
Panavise Base, Weighted
Panavise Combo, Rapid Assembly Circuit Board
Panavise Combo, Vacuum Base / Standard Head
Panavise Head, Circuit Board Holder
Panavise Head, Wide-Opening
Panel Mount Ammeter, 0-100mA DC
Panel Mount Ammeter, 0-10A DC
Panel Mount Ammeter, 0-25A DC
Panel Mount Voltmeter, 0-100V DC
Panel Mount Voltmeter, 0-150V AC
Panel Mount Voltmeter, 0-25V DC
Panel Mount Voltmeter, 0-300V AC
Pee Wee Clip
Photologic Detector, 50 Mbps
Plastic Battery Holder - AA, 8-Cell with Snaps
Pointer Knob, Elongated
Power Cord
Powered Breadboard, +12 to -12V DC
Project Case, Plastic, 2-7/8 x 1-3/16 x 1 in. 
Project Case, Plastic, 4-3/8 x 2-1/16 x 1-1/16 in. 
Project Case, Plastic, 4-5/8 x 3-1/2 x 1-1/4 in. 
Pygmy Hippo Clip, Black
Pygmy Hippo Clip, Red
Quick Connect Tab, Female
Resistor, 820K Ohm, 1/4 Watt
Resistor, 3M Ohm, 1/2 Watt
Single Box, Metal
Slo Blo Fuse, MDX - 5A
Spacer Support, 1/2 in. Long
Spacer Support, 1/4 in. Long
Spacer Support, 1 in. Long
Spacer Support, 3/4 in. Long
Stackable Banana Plug, Black
Stackable Banana Plug, Red
Stackable Banana Plugs with 20 in. Leads, Black
Stackable Banana Plugs with 20 in. Leads, Red
Storage Cabinet, 26 Drawers
Storage Cabinet, 64 Drawers
Student Ammeter, 0-100mA DC
Student Ammeter, 0-10A DC
Student Ammeter, 0-1A DC
Student Ammeter, 0-1mA DC
Student Ammeter, 0-3A DC
Student Voltmeter, 0-10V DC
Student Voltmeter, 0-3V DC
Student Voltmeter, 0-5V DC
Surge Protector, DC
Switch / 2 Outlets Cover Plate, Metal
Telephone Kit w/ Training Course
Test Probe, Pin Tip to Pin Tip
Test Probe, Thermocouple
TIP110 Transistor
TIP125 Transistor
TIP32 Transistor
Totalising Counter, 4 Digit
Transmitter, 27 Mhz
Transmitter, 49 Mhz
Transistor, 2N3902
Trimmer, 5K Ohm Mini Vertical Mount
Utility Box, Medium
Utility Box, Small
What's a Microcontroller? Starter Kit
Wiss Metal Snips MR1
Wiss Metal Snips MR2
Wall Adapter

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