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Biometric & Forensics Identification Lab

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Our society is faced with homeland security and the fear of terror as well as concerns about crime and criminal identification. Today, modern technology can help us identify individuals. It is used at the airports entrances, police, army and sensitive facilities (nuclear). The finger printing and face recognition technology as well as DNA and other biometric techniques are used in this growing field.

Students will learn about:

  • The field of Biometric Technology and how it is used by law enforcement
  • Crime Scene Investigation Techniques
  • Fingerprinting Methods
  • Face Composites Technology (with the use of a computer and digital camera)
  • DNA Identification and How it is used to positively identify criminals

Lab includes software for faces, fingerprinting ink pad, fingerprinting cards, brush, lifting tape, bio-chrimatic powder, evidence bags, DNA experiment, books, digital camera, PC computer, 17" LCD display, and printer.

Grades 6-10.

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