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Antigen-Antibody Interaction

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The Ouchterlony Procedure Lab

The binding of an antibody to an antigen is a fundamental reaction of immunology. Antibodies and antigens form complexes that precipitate, making it possible to assay antibody-antigen systems. The objective of this experiment is to introduce the principles of antigen-antibody interactions by using the Ouchterlony procedure. This binding interaction results in the formation of a white precipitate after diffusion in agarose.

Experiment includes: complete instructions, background information, study questions, Animal Serum Antigens and Antibodies, Practice Gel Loading Solution, UltraSpec-Agarose(tm) Powder, Powdered Buffer, Transfer Pipets, Petri Plates, Well Cutters, Template for Cutting Wells, and Microtest Tubes. For 10 Sets of Reactions

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