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Advanced Biometrics Lab

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Biometrics is the science of gathering and comparing information about an individual’s physical features. These features are unique to each human and can be used for the purpose of identification and recognition. Fingerprints, the iris, the human voice and even vein structures are distinctive to each person. Advances in sensors used to measure these traits now provides inexpensive methods to automatically “authenticate” an indiviual. Is the day of the password almost gone?

Biometrics is now used:

  • In Conjunction with Time Clocks
  • For National Border Security
  • For Access to Various Workplaces
  • In Factory Control Issues

Using Microsoft®’s Fingerprint Reader, this lab will provide students an opportunity to investigate this fascinating field through hands-on activites in:

  • Finger Printing
  • Automatic Fingerprint Recognition
  • Facial Recognition—How it works, what we look for
  • Voice Recognition

This kit includes a voice-recognition kit, an electronics kit (that students assemble), a digital camera, plus a hand-reading system similar to the ones used at airports and workplaces.

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