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3D Motion Visualizer Lab with 2 Video Cameras & PC

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Motion Visualizer 3D is a hardware plus software system designed for the study of three-dimensional motion, appropriate for the subjects of physics and mathematics at both the high school and college level. Based on live video input, Motion Visualizer 3D tracks, records, and analyzes an object's motion in three dimensions in real-time.

Building on the proven educational effectiveness of microcomputer-based labs (MBL), which bring together graphic representations and physical events, Motion Visualizer 3D incorporates real-time data capture and immediate graphical display.

The ability to instantaneously display real-time data enhances student's comprehension of graphing and motion.

Now, for the first time, Motion Visualizer 3D allows students to experiment with everyday objects in the 3-dimensional world in which they live. Students can create spatial graphs that portray actual motion as well as time-based graphs using the variables of position, velocity, and acceleration.

Motion Visualizer 3D helps students develop their understanding of motion, graphing, and visualization of 2- or 3-dimensions in physics, physical science, and mathematics.

The Motion Visualizer 3D package consists of the 3D-Video Processor, Windows© compatible Motion Visualizer 3D software, Quick Start Guide, and a set of exemplary activities developed in conjunction with physics and mathematics teachers.

Key features provided by Motion Visualizer 3D:

  • Spatial graphs that help bridge the gap between what students see and standard time-based kinematics graphs.
  • Work with ordinary objects in 3-dimensional space, students connect their kinesthetic experience of the world to their scientific studies.
  • Data can be viewed from any perspective using all kinematics variables.
  • Data can easily be investigated with a graphical approach.
  • The setup is scalable to capture large or small objects and motions.
  • Many different explorations can be tried in a short amount of time.

The Motion Visualizer 3D package also includes:

  • For setup - an RS-232 serial cable, 2 composite video cables, power transformer, alignment tool, 1.4-meter alignment string, various K'nex pieces for use with the alignment tool and 3D axis.
  • For experiments - a clear acrylic " Albertis Window" with wet erase markers, circular motion turning wheel with velcro targets, and brightly colored orange balls and stickers.

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