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2D Motion Visualizer, 5-User

Price: $620.00
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The screenshot shows the motion of a student’s hand while pitching a baseball tracked using Motion Visualizer DV. An orange glove provides the tracking target.

All Digital, Simple Operation—Camera or Webcam Plugs Directly into the PC. One Click on the Video Selects the Colored Object to Be Tracked!

With Motion Visualizer, capture your motion data and video automatically and begin analyzing your data right away. Use either a webcam or, for more accurate timing and higher resolution, use an ordinary digital video camera plugged directly into a computer to gather motion data in a plane.

Motion Visualizer—captures and displays, in real-time, the position, velocity, and acceleration of one or two objects. It is ideal for elementary studies such as constant and accelerated motion where the visual connection between the motion and the graph is crucial for understanding. However, for more advanced study, Motion Visualizer, like its older cousin, Motion Visualizer 3D provide unique capabilities. They are the only tools in physics education that capture all the relevant motion variables making them ideal for momentum and energy studies, for instance. Data imports directly to Excel and other analysis software enabling a whole range of quantitative study.

Key features provided by Motion Visualizer :

  • Web camera provides simple setup and low-cost (see requirements).
  • Visual methods work with a wide variety of learning styles, and students love seeing themselves on screen.
  • Image processing technology allows resolution to 1/10 pixel.
  • Data rate up to 30 frames per second.

Kit includes Quick Start Guide, colored balls and stickers as targets, 2D camera alignment tool, and curricular activities (developed with physics and mathematics teachers). Multiple license kits include extra target balls and accessories. Requires a Webcam or Digital Video Camera and a computer (see notes below on complete requirements).

REQUIREMENT NOTES—Computer: Windows PC, 1.0 GHz or higher running XP with DirectX 9, 1024x768 graphics with acceleration, 256 MB RAM, Hard Disk (4 Gigabytes free recommended), USB or FireWire port. Use with Firewire cameras require 1.8 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM. Video Camera: Works with most webcams. Digital Video Camera must produce NTSC or PAL DV output supplied through the FireWire or USB 2.0 port. Support provided for Logitech QuickCam PRO 5000 (preferred) and 400 (both use the USB port).

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